Please someone help me find motivation.

How do you find motivation? Just … How? How do you find the strengh to get up, go to school, come back and study?

Do you have motivation to study and do your homework and work your ass off when you actually enjoy what you’re studying? Am I not motivated because I hate what I am forced to learn and I do not wish to do something in that field later? Is that the problem?

If I wanted to work in a physic or math related field, would I have motivation to do all this? Or am I just that lazy?

Is my problem the fact that I hate and despite what I’m studying in? That I never see myself having a career in that field? That I have absolutely no affinity with the subject? That I do not find even the slightliest bit of enjoyment in doing anything related to math or physic?

I really wonder if this is my problem of if I’m just a lazy ass that does nothing with her life and screw things up all the time

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  1. chirpybirdy said: It is easier to do something if you want to do it. But if you don’t… well… just do it anyway. You could do as little as possible and still graduate. I did. But then, I have no wish to go to college. Yeah I’ll just say Do It Anyway.
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